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In this post we are going to talk about Tamil nadu Land records, suppose you buy an agricultural land in tamil nadu anywhere then you will not like to get into a property fraud anytime so for that you have to check the ownership details of that land whether the seller who is selling you the property is really the owner of the property how much is the exact area of that land and what type of land it is whether it is really an agricultural land or someone is trying to sell you a government land or a village panchayat land you would not like to get into all these kinds of frauds.

Now you can get all these ownership details from land records and in tamil nadu we know all this land records by the name of patta chitta or ADANGAL locally, in earlier time if you like to get your copy of land records you have to go to the Local tehsil office apply for it and then get a physical copy of your land records but under national land records mobilization program all the land records of all state are being made available online in tamil nadu as TN online.

In tamil nadu you can also get copy of your patta chitta adangal online nowadays and in this article I will guide you step-by-step how to view patta chitta in website, the copy of your land records I will also give you sub additional tips relative to land records towards the end so make sure you read this post till the end so that you don’t miss some important points.

To get details of tamil nadu what you can do is you can go to google and type patta chitta, patta chitta adangal local name for tamil nadu land records or you can type tamil nadu land records right away you will get all the results so if you are more comfortable with a English language then you can go with the first result is the official website of tamil nadu government where you can extract you land records if you are more comfortable with tamil language then you can go to the second option.

Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Adangal

On the homepage on your screen you will get the same similar options in both languages and even you can change the language from left side of the corner also

Now let me explain what kind of land records available here you can see two main options one is your patta and chitta extract and fmb is basically your Field Measurement book which shows you the Map of a particular survey number so if map is available get that option also so we will go each option and see what are the kind of the details available then second option is you’re A-register extract, A-register basically shows you the Adangal extract.

Now what is the difference between patta chitta and adangal this is a common question you know a lot of people get confused about the kind of details and what are the kind of details available in all these land records, so let me explain you one-by-one.

  • First of all if you want to understand about the patta you can think of a patta as a kind of account that is maintain at taluk office, so patta register contains lot of patta numbers and each patta number will have lot of survey numbers in that so each patta number contain all the land holding of a particular owner.

i.e. – patta number 10 will have another 5 land holding survey number so all the information regarding that patta number will be contain in a chitta extract chitta will tell you all the land holdings of a particular owner whereas A-register or Adangal Extract will give you the details of a particular piece of land on particular survey number or a particular plot of land.

Patta and chitta extract gives you land holding owner and Adangal extract will gives you details of a particular land.

Details of Patta, chitta and Adangal

Now we will see what the kinds of details available in both options –

patta chitta online tamilnadu
  • Then you have to select your district
  • After selecting your district choose your area type.
  • Then after new form will open on your screen.
  • Enter TALUK then enter your village.
  • Two option will given as view patta/chitta using 1.) patta number 2.) survey number.
  • After selecting the above option enter the captcha given below.
view patta chitta form
  • Click on the submit button then your patta, chitta documents will open up as PDF.
  • All your chitta extract will see which has many survey number.
patta chitta tamilnadu
  • Above are the patta and chitta documents.

How to check A-register aka Adangal

  • First you have to go to the main website given here-
  • Click on the view A-register extract.
  • Now another page will open.
  • Select your district.
  • Select your taluk.
  • Select your village.
  • Enter the survey number.
  • Select sub-division number.
  • Then enter the captcha code and click on submit
  • You will see your Adangal extract only for a particular survey number it will show you what type of land it is.
patta chitta extract

So this is how you extract your land records in tamil nadu now let me also quickly give you some tips related to land records.

Land records and patta chitta Tamil Nadu

Documents and service provided by the

  • You can check the owner name of the particular land.
  • You can check patta, chitta and Adangal documents.
  • Also can check survey number by choosing TALUK, Village and district
  • You can check whether it is agricultural land or a dryland.
  • Also the number of patta and chitta.

How to verify web issued patta/ A-register extract

  • First go to the official website of the revenue department –
  • Go to the verify patta click on it.
  • Inter the reference number you have.
  • Click on the submit button you will verify your Patta / A-register easily.

How to verify Poramboke Land in patta chitta official website

If you want to verify your Poramboke lands please go to given step-by-step guide-

  • You have o go to the official eService website of tamilnadu-
  • Go to the homepage and click on the “Verify Poramboke Land” link.
  • New page will be open on your screen where you have to enter District, Taluk, Village, Survey number, Sub Division Number
  • After entering the entire required information click on the submit button.
  • Your status will verify easily.

Helpdesk number of Tamil Nadu for patta chitta

If you are having any problem or have to give any feedback you can mail them to below given email address –

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